We are professional script doctors and creative consultants, here to help you realize your vision.



We provide detailed, personalized feedback that will help you develop a more marketable, engaging script.



We don't use your fees to pay for someone else's life-changing opportunity or make empty promises about blasting your script out to "industry professionals". We don't give numerical scores. We don't leave you wondering if we only read the first 10 pages. We're not a contest, we're a workshop. But if your goal is to win a contest, we're in your corner!

What We Offer

Script notes

(AKA Prescriptions)

Congrats! You've just completed your first draft of a brand new screenplay, TV pilot, or stageplay. Unfortunately, your writers' group has been on hiatus for months, the trusted friends you sent your script to have been slow to respond, and you have a fellowship deadline approaching. We're here to provide thoughtful, thorough notes with suggestions we hope will inspire you. 

follow ups

(AKA Refills)

After you've digested our notes, we're available to hop on Skype and answer any questions you may have. We're also glad to bounce ideas around and help you decide how to address the notes. Approaching a rewrite can be daunting, but we're in this together!


(AKA Clean Bill of Health)

We get it. It's hard to read your work over and over again and catch every single typo, grammar, and spelling error. This can be especially challenging if English isn't your first language. We are happy to offer proofreading on a case-by-case basis. For more info on proofing and to get a quote, drop us a line on our submissions page!